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Hondo Chosa Ranch

Sky View Of Limacher Ranch

About Limacher Ranch- SOLD, BUT WE HAVE MORE

The Limacher Ranch is a small, but beautiful ranch located in the Ruidoso Valley between Ruidoso, 23 miles to the west, and Hondo, 2 miles to the east. The ranch is comprised of approximately 80.55 acres of irrigable lands with 48.2 acres of water rights. The water rights have priority dates of 1865, 1871, and 1885, making them some of the oldest water rights in the Valley.

On a per acre basis, water rights in this part of the world are more valuable than the land they serve. Importantly, these water rights divert from the Rio Ruidoso on this ranch and are not part of an organized acequia, making their use more flexible and their value greater. The ranch also has a new river pump and pipeline system to divert water from the Rio Ruidoso onto the land for irrigation.

Property Features
This little ranch is located in a beautiful part of the Ruidoso Valley and boasts a fabulous stretch of both sides of the Rio Ruidoso! This river is home to native brown trout and this ranch offers fabulous fishing opportunities! This ranch is scenic and beautiful and the Rio Ruidoso and the tree growth along it make an idyllic, park-like setting. This ranch is home to mule deer, elk, Barbary sheep, turkey, mountain lion, and an occasional black bear.

There are no habitable improvements on the Limacher Ranch. However, there are numerous, beautiful home sites on the ranch along the river, offering outstanding views. And oh the sounds of that moving water.....beautiful! There simply is nothing better than live water!

Property Location
The Limacher Ranch is easily accessed from U.S. Highway 70 on the north, and, on the south side of the Rio Ruidoso it is also easily accessed from Los Saltos, a county-maintained road.

There are several homes in the immediate area (on inferior locations) that are valued well above $1,000,000. This location would make a great horse facility, recreational ranch, vacation home site, and, of course, a small working farm/ranch.

This location is a rare one in that many locations in the Ruidoso Valley are cluttered with unsightly accumulations. This ranch does not suffer from that affliction and is very well-insulated from it. Only 20 minutes to Ruidoso means that this little ranch is a dandy for those wanting to spend recreational time in the Ruidoso area, without having to live there.

The Limacher Ranch is a rare find! Come see for yourself! It is offered by New Mexico Ranch World at $1,800,000, and worth every penny of that price. This is a great, long-term investment. 

Owner says sell... NEW PRICE $1,300,000. Note this Ranch sold two years ago at $1,550,000. Former owner's loss -  your gain! The current price approximates the value of the water rights alone! NOW, is a great time to buy!

About Hondo Chosa Ranch

Sitting on 56.02 acres of deeded land, this ranch on the Rio Bonita is one uniquely beautiful and tranquil setting. As you enter the Hondo Chosa Ranch from U.S. Highway 380, you will have no idea or appreciation of the surprisingly beautiful and peaceful setting that awaits you. But oh, what a difference 100 yards makes! The Chosa sits in a virtual oasis in the high desert. Its 56 acres also includes 10.53 acres of senior water rights to irrigate the pastures surrounding the property.

This is one beautiful setting with one beautiful home on it. If you like peace and quiet, in a tranquil and beautiful private setting, you'll love this home; you can listen all day and night to the babbling Rio Bonita from the kitchen, the deck, or your master suite, and you can fish right outside your door. Oh the sound of that live water!

Property Features
No expense was spared in the quality construction of the Chosa. The visionary who built the Chosa wanted a classic southwestern residence with all the amenities of a world class home. And he built what he envisioned. The result is a very comfortable southwestern estate in an unbelievably tranquil setting. He also wanted to build a trout pond in the front yard, so he did. Then he built two more fishing ponds.  One can catch rainbow trout, bass, and catfish right out the front door!

With approximately 10 acres of irrigated pasture, the Chosa grows its own feed for domestic stock and wildlife while providing beautiful greenery in the arid hill country. And oh that live water! A river runs through it!

In addition to residential and recreational improvements, the Chosa also has a dandy tack barn with indoor hay storage and covered and open-air livestock pens. It also has two water wells that supply domestic and backup irrigation water, and a very nice hand house for staff, located out of site from the headquarters home itself.

This one-of-a-kind residential and recreational destination is offered by New Mexico Ranch World at $2,200,000. There is no way to recreate what is here for that kind of money. Call us to arrange a visit to this slice of paradise! You will be glad you did!